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What's the Opinion of the Press?

"WinAudio MAJOR is a 'friendly' priced 
Harddisk Recording System for Windows,  
which you can use to expand your MIDI  
sequencer program, but also as a stand alone  
Multi Track Direct to Disk recorder, ... the  
distinction in comparison with any other  
harddisk recording program."  

Music Maker.

"Affordable top-class harddisk recording 
expansion for any PC and MIDI sequencer.  
Install procedure: 4 point out of 5, User  
comfort: 3, Documentation 4 points, and  
Price / Quality 5 out of 5 points." 


Computer Totaal!

"This time, Zadok delivers a mighty blow 
to the competition. One of the main features  
of WinAudio AMJOR is its resampling and  
timestretching facility ... Unbelievable! 

Meet Music Magazine.

"WinAudio, last but not least, is the absolute  
winner in terms of price and quality!"

Personal Computer Magazine.

"Installing and using WinAudio MAJOR 
is very easy and intuitive. Zadok deserves 
compliments for the thorough approach. 
Astounding for its price, WinAudio has 
timestretch and resampling capabilities."

Magazine of the Dutch Midi Association.
"The timestretch and resampling processing 
of WinAudio MAJOR is very fast and of good  
quality. WinAudio is highly recommended for 
starters as well as serious Midi- and audio- 
producers. Its low price won't have to stop you 
from buying it."

International Dance Magazine. 

Thinking of Windows... and thinking of Audio... is thinking of WinAudio !!!

WinAudio comes in the Following Flavours:

Title:  Features:  Price: 

WinAudio MAJOR Demo
Free downloadable copy!
size: 2.08MB (see FAQ)

- Limited time (15 mins.) 
- Save disabled
FREE from this site! 
Download NOW! 

WinAudio FUN Collection
Fully functional 'light' package.

Now available on CD-ROM...

- 4 Track Digital Audio Recorder with MIDI file support 
- Your audio recordings in sync with standard MIDI files 

+ More than 450 MB of Studio Quality Samples 
+ Over easy Sample Search utility 
+ 25 Profesional Quality MIDI file Top Hits 
+ Demo Software Programs and Projects (Free Bonus!!!)

Hfl 49,95 
(US $ 26,99/22,99 Euro)

WinAudio MAJOR Collection 

New, MAJOR-ly extended release!

Now available on CD-ROM ...

!!! add AUDIO to your "NORMAL" sequencer !!! 

- Multitrack digital audio eXpansion for normal MIDI-sequencers, score and wave editing applications 
- Supports MeXware! standard 
- Works also as a stand alone multitrack harddisk recorder 
- More than 8 stereo samples simultaneously! 
- Powerfull Timestretching / Resampling option 
- Load standard MIDI files 
- Wave Normalize / DC Offset Correction 
- Integration of 3rd-party Software (OLE) 
- Non-destructive Wave Chopping 
- Non-destructive Fade-ins / Fade-outs 
- Freely definable Locators 
- Plus ... 

+ Over 600 Studio Quality Sample Sounds! 
+ Over easy Sample Search utility! 
+ Ultimate Sync Driver! 
+ 25 Profesional Quality MIDI file Top Hits! 
+ Demo Software Programs and Projects (Bonus!!!)

Hfl 249,95 
(US $ 133,99/113,99 Euro) 

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