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I've already down loaded the WinAudio demo from your web site, but I can't install the program properly? The file from our site (WADEMO_E.ZIP) is compressed with the program "WinZip". You must unzip this file before you can install the WinAudio demo program properly. 
1. You can use WinZip only (!) to do this. 2. Make a new folder. 3. Copy the WinAudio demo Zip-file into that directory. 4. Start WinZip. 5. You'll have to retain the directory structure before you unzip the file (go to Actions menu, then Extract and select/activate "Use Directory Names". 
How can I install WinAudio from it's CD-ROM? To install WinAudio from CD-ROM properly you'll actually need some extra information add to the description in the printed manual or the CD-ROM booklet. 

1. See the CD-ROM booklet or printed manual. 
2. Same here. 
3. From the Explorer (WIN'95) or File-Manager (Windows 3.11), open the CD-ROM. 
3.1 Depending on the collection you use, open the 1st folder (directory) FUN_COLL or MAJ_COLL. 
3.2 Open the folder (dir) MEXWARE. 
3.3 Now open the folder WINAUDIO.FUN or WINAUDIO.MAJ. 
3.4 You'll see several folders with a country name. Select a language and open that particular folder. 
3.5 You can double click the file SETUP.EXE (the one with the Z-logo) to install WinAudio (or see #3. from the booklet). 
4. (Until #10.) See the CD-ROM booklet or printed manual again.

Note: When filling in your name during installation, it is important to type your exact name, including the spaces between name (or initials) and e.g. surname.


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