Dealer, Distributor, Bundling and OEM Inquiries:  

For Computer Industry "C.I." inquiries for WinAudio (such as Computerstores, Bookshops, Warehouses, CD and Multimedia Stores) in the Netherlands, please contact our distribution partner PMR international b.v.
For the Music Industry "M.I." (Musical Instrument Stores, Music Schools, etc.), in the Netherlands, but also for Bundling and OEM inquiries, please contact: Zadok "first in MeXware!".
For business inquiries for WinAudio for the French speaking area of this world (e.g. France, Canada, Belgium-Fr.), please contact mr. P. Alardin our French "Ambassador"
For all other inquiries (Dealers, Distributors, Bundling, OEM, etc.) Worldwide please contact us directly at: (Zadok "first in MeXware!").



The MeXware! standard is the normalization for all solutions of computerized musical applications on PC/Windows which has the goal to eXpand the original Musical application with new features. For more information visit the website of the International MeXware Organization (IMO).



Containing the WinAudio FUN and MAJOR Collection CD-ROM's you'll find 25 professional MIDI files Please contact MidiFactory for more information and a complete overview of their great MIDI songs.


Technical Support  

We thank I.T.S. computers very much for their technical support. You are welcome to visit their site. 


TV-course "ComputerPlus!" by Teleac/NOT  

The main organisation in the Netherlands for High Quality Radio and TeleVision courses is Teleac/NOT. For the music-block of their course "ComputerPlus!" they selected just eight programs from the large number of music programs available. Teleac's criterion was special purpose, price, quality and user friendliness. So, you will understand that we are very proud that Teleac have decided for the implementation of WinAudio in their course.
For more information on "ComputerPlus!" you are welcome to visit Teleac/NOT's site. The course is only available in Dutch for the moment. We've heard they have plans to produce an English edition. So, if you are interested in the English version of ComputerPlus! please leave them a note at


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