Zadok,... 1st in MeXware!!!
Zadok is worlds first MeXware! publisher. Nowaday Zadok offers complete MeXware! solutions. Zadok introduced MeXware! in the year 1988. Over the years MeXware! became a world standard. Nowadays the International MeXware! Organization (IMO) is the official institute for the protection of MeXware! interests.

Visit IMO's site and find out more about MeXware!

" Zadok’s WinAudio, First Audio eXpansion for Midi Sequencers !!! "
WinAudio is the first MeXware! application in the world which offers owners of PC’s and Midi Sequencers the possibility to eXpand their "normal" Midi sequencer with professional multitrack digital audio facilities. The advantage of WinAudio is that these users still can work on with their favourite sequencer program without buying complete new (and expensive!) software for that kind of purpose, therefore they can save time and money! You also can use WinAudio as a standalone multitrack harddisk recorder (with CD-audio quality!) and you can expand any Wave-file editor with multitrack facilities. All that and much more features for very reasonable prices.

Download the WinAudio demo FREE of charge!.

!!! You will definitely need "MeXware!", ... to eXpand your Musical skills !!! therefore...
thinking of Windows ...
... and thinking of ...
... Audio ...
... is thinking of ...
... WinAudio !!!

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