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PARADISE, USA - Scoop: Zadok introduces WinAudio eXpansions! - The unique Wave library.
Recently a range of supporting products to the well-known WinAudio software program are published, the so-called "WinAudio-eXpansions®". These unique eXpansions, which appear on CD-ROM, are divided into separate groups, each within their specific characterizations. Already we would like to introduce to you two of these groups:

WinAudio - WaveMixx™ Series:

Each CD-ROM from this WinAudio eXpansions™ group contains a large number of Megabytes with elements of sound and music of a professional quality. Each title is of materials within another musical style or specific musical instrument, intended to use within new audio-productions (for Multimedia, Games, AV, RTV, Movies, etc.) or to compose your own music.

WinAudio - MultiMixx™ Series:

These CD-ROMS are also filled with samples of professional quality. These WinAudio eXpansions™ features however the interchangeability (!) of the ‘groove’ for the greater part of the samples, even while there are many different musical styles on the several CD-ROMS. This means you can easily use the Percussion-groove of one title in combination with the Guitar-solo or a Didgeridoo of another MultiMixx CD-ROM, thus resulting in a fine piece of music.

WinAudio - JammMixx™ Projects:

On top of all you will find a number of unique "WinAudio JammMixx™"projects on the eXpansion CD-ROMS, which you can use for study as producer or musician. It gives you a great peek at the work of the producer of the recordings and it gives you the ultimate opportunity to make Re-Mixxes, play your musical instruments with or ‘jamm’ along.

Available WinAudio eXpansions:

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"WinAudio - Hooters, Tooters, Music 'n More"

This WaveMixx CD-ROM is filled with special effect-sounds, and many musical-instruments (more than 1.000 samples!). You can find the sound of Music Boxes, Toys, Slapstick, Laughing, Crying, Birds, Hooters, Tooters, Special Effects, Synthesizers, Bass, Drums, and many, many more.
"...You cannot miss this multi-usable CD-ROM. Especially when you are working with a PC and you want to make music for AV, Slides, Games, Windows, Internet and other multimedia-applications."

Hfl 29,95
Euro 15,99
US $ 16,99

item# ZADCDR204
ISBN 90-76003-06-8

"WinAudio - PopMusic - Volume 1"

... is a MultiMixx CD-ROM full of samples from musical instruments (Digital and Analog Drums, Guitars, Digital and Analog Synthesizers, Vocoders, FX, etc.) with which you can use to make popular musical styles, like the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s Dance, Disco, Funk, Reggae, Rock, Tekno, and other popular music styles.
"...Just don’t miss this WinAudio eXpansion if you want to make yourself a Pop-Music-Maker."

Hfl 29,95
Euro 15,99
US $ 16,99

item# ZADCDR203
ISBN 90-76003-09-2

"WinAudio - TranceMission"

This MultiMixx-title is made by nobody less but "Milkbar" (Otto Vanden Toorn & Friends, well-known from remix-hits like from 2-Unlimited, Euromasters, Quadrophonia, Supermatic and King-B, and from the soundtrack from the motion-picture "Naar de Klote".
Just take a look at the HOT, HOT, HOT-Trance-kitchen of these "Amsterdam-Dance-Scene-Masters!"
"...If you also want to become a Dance Scene Producer yourself, you better grab a hold of this WinAudio eXpansion."

Hfl 29,95
Euro 15,99
US $ 16,99

item# ZADCDR202
ISBN 90-76003-07-6

"WinAudio - Rio Grande"

... is an ‘evergreen’ WaveMixx CD-ROM, on which you will find professional latin percussion-samples. The groove samples are played by Martin Verdonk, one of the worlds leading and well-known percussionists (Steve Winwood ’98 Tour, Candy Dulfer, Conga Rilla, Prince and many others). You will also find a large number of MultiMixx-samples, which are compatible with the samples from other MultiMixx-titles. As long as percussion is part of the history and future of music, "WinAudio-RioGrande" will be useful, ...thus forever!
"...RioGrande grooves you from your socks and is the ultimate Groove-Station for anyone who is really active in making music with the PC or a sampler."

Hfl 29,95
Euro 15,99
US $ 16,99

item# ZADCDR201
ISBN 90-76003-08-4

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In short:

WinAudio WaveMixx™, JammMixx™ and MultiMixx™ Series makes a huge ocean of sounds and will bathe you in celebrating making music productions with the help of your PC and audio software or even a sampler.


All WinAudio eXpansions are compatible with the most common audio-software programs,
soundcard-systems, computers and nowadays samplers.

You have?… MusicMaker, WinAudio-FUN, DanceMachine, eJay, Acid, Cubase-audio, DanceMaker, Logic-audio, Cool-edit, TechnoMaker, MusicMachine, Cakewalk-audio, MusicStudio, Samplitude, WaveLab, WinAudio-MAJOR, or many others…

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...thinking of Windows... and thinking of Audio... is thinking of WinAudio !!!

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