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"International MeXware! Organization"
!!! You will definitely need "MeXware!", ... to eXpand your Musical skills !!!

The definition of MeXware!...
X-ware stands for the range of products which eXpands other (already existing) soft & hardware
in the Computer Industry (CI). MeXware! actually stands for the same kind of eXpansions ware
but in this case especially for the MI (Music Industry)!

MeXware! Compatibility...
A concrete example of MeXware! compatibility: You are using a "normal" sequencer, handling MIDI information only, and you want to continue working with it, but you like to enjoy the facilities of multitrack digital audio without having to buy a new sequencer. The only thing you have to get is a MeXware! compatible application which is able to add audio to your sequencer. Shortly: all users of non-audio sequencers will definitely find the possibility in this application-concept to have the control of synchrone audio features without having to pay a fortune. E.g. WinAudio MAJOR is the first application which complies to the MeXware! standard. WinAudio MAJOR also makes up MeXware! for all users of "normal" WAV-file editing software to eXpand it with multitrack harddisk recording facilities.

WinAudio info? Push this hyper link!

MeXware! History...
Zadok is the founder of MeXware!, and introduced MeXware! in the year 1988. MeXware! is the abbreviation of "Music eXpansions ware". Over the years MeXware! became a world standard. Nowadays the International MeXware! Organization (IMO) is the official institute for the protection of MeXware! interests. While MeXware! is a registered trademark which is the legal property of Zadok other developers and publishers are free (!) to use the name and "MeXware!" log for their products as long as they accept the IMO's copyrights, terms and license agreements for that purpose.
(Please feel free to contact IMO for more information).

HOT MeXware! NEWS...
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"Los Angeles: International member meeting - Resounding succes of the IMO congress!"

!!! You will definitely need "MeXware!", ... to eXpand your Musical skills !!!

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