MeXware! Convention...

The first international congress of the I.M.O. (International MeXware! Organization) took place
at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Los Angeles (USA) on Saturday January 31st 1998.
The convention was a resounding success.

IMO founder Bob Blok (L) and John Bienvenue (R) the new IMO president.

Downing IMO-members are: President, John Bienvenue of Intelliware (Australia), Stuart Craw of Digital Music Systems (New Zealand), Carl-Johan Melin of Midi Music Group (Sweden), Per Amudsen of mTech (Norway), IMO’s initiator Bob Blok of Zadok (the Netherlands), Kerstin Weber and Eva Hünnemeyer of Magic Systems (Germany), Pierre Alardin president of "Les Cahiers de l’ACME" (Belgium), Jack Daniels of I.B.A. and Mikel Estrin of Estrin & Associates (USA). During the winter NAMM trade show IMO informed companies about the MeXware! concept.
Many companies showed their interest in supporting this standard.
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